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BCU 480-10/3/1LW3GBD3B1/1

Burner control unit, series 400

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  • For controlling, igniting and monitoring gas burners in continuous operation, in metal housing, plug-in flange plate, adjustable with BCSoft, EC type-tested and certified, AGA approved, certified for systems up to SIL 3 from July 2012 (compliant with PL e).

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    • GyártóElster GMBH
    • Weight5.10
    • BrandElster GMBH
    • BCU 480-10/3/1LW3GBD3B1/1
      1 639 €

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    • Version for pilot and main burner
    • 1st safety time on start-up (burner/pilot burner) tSA1: 10 s
    • 2nd safety time on start-up (main burner) tSA2: 3 s
    • Safety time in operation tSB: 1 s
    • Air valve control
    • Mains voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    • Ignition transformer TZI 7,5-12/100
    • Front film in English with additional stickers in D, F, I, NL, E
    • High temperature operation: with continuous operation with ionisation/UVD
    • PROFIBUS-DP interface
    • Integrated Variosub PROFIBUS-DP chassis socket, 9-pin
    • 04 Burner/pilot burner switch-off threshold: 1 mikro A
    • 05 Main burner switch-off threshold: 1 mikro A
    • 12 Fault lock-out after pilot burner failure in operation
    • 13 Fault lock-out after main burner failure in operation
    • 15 Flame simulation check in start-up/standby position
    • 16 Pilot burner is switched off
    • 20 Minimum combustion time tB: as safety time on start-up tSA(2)
    • 21 Minimum burner pause time tBP: 0 s
    • 23 Burener/pilot burner flame proving period tFS1: 0 s
    • 25 Main burner flame proving period tFS2: 0 s
    • 30 Air valve can be controlled externally
    • 31 Air valve can not be activated externally on start-up
    • 32 Air valve in the event of malfunction: closed
    • 34 Combustion time during manual mode limited to 5 min.
    • Pre-wired for single-electrode operation
    • Time between two start-ups: 30 s
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    BCU 480 (D)Elster Kromschröder2012-11-2211.12Technical InformationD11099_iti_bcu_480_d.pdf
    BCU 480 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2010-07-0605.10Technical InformationGB11373_iti_bcu_480_gb.pdf
    BCU 460, 465 (D)Elster Kromschröder2012-07-2707.12Technical InformationD11389_iti_bcu460_465_d.pdf
    BCU 460, 465 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2012-11-2807.12Technical InformationGB11390_iti_bcu460_465_gb.pdf
    BCU 400..B1 (D)Elster Kromschröder2011-03-3103.11Technical InformationD12064_iti_bcu_b_d.pdf
    BCU 400..B1 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2011-03-3103.11Technical InformationGB12066_iti_bcu_b_gb.pdf
    BCU 440 (D)Elster Kromschröder2010-04-1604.10Technical InformationD16937_iti_bcu_440_d.pdf
    PROFIBUS-DP (DK)Elster Kromschröder2008-11-2705.06Product brochureDK17008_pb_profibus_dk.pdf
    BCU 440 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2010-04-3004.10Technical InformationGB17229_iti_bcu_440_gb.pdf
    BCU 440 (D)Elster Kromschröder2009-03-1001.09Product brochureD17293_pb_bcu_440_d.pdf
    BCU 440 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2009-03-1001.09Product brochureGB17295_pb_bcu_440_gb.pdf
    PCO 300 (D)Elster Kromschröder2012-11-2211.12Operating instructionsD19452_ba_pco_300_d.pdf
    PCO 300 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2012-11-2211.12Operating instructionsGB19453_ba_pco_300_gb.pdf
    BCU 460, BCU 465 (D)Elster Kromschröder2012-12-0607.12Product brochureD260_pb_bcu460_465_d.pdf
    BCU 460, BCU 465 (GB)Elster Kromschröder2012-12-0607.12Product brochureGB261_pb_bcu460_465_gb.pdf
    BCU 4xx (D, GB, F, NL, I, E)Elster Kromschroeder2012-07-0405.12Operating instructionsD|GB|F|NL|I|E266_ba1_bcu.pdf
    BCU 4xx (D, DK, S, N, P, GR)Elster Kromschröder2012-10-2205.12Operating instructionsD|DK|S|N|P|GR267_ba2_bcu.pdf
    BCU 4xx (D, TR, CZ, PL, RUS, H)Elster Kromschröder2012-11-1605.12Operating instructionsD|TR|CZ|PL|RUS|H268_ba3_bcu.pdf
    BCU 480 (D)Elster Kromschröder GmbH2007-06-1306.07Product brochureD5785_pb_bcu480_d.pdf
    BCU 480 (GB)Elster Kromschröder GmbH2007-06-1306.07Product brochureGB8574_pb_bcu480_gb.pdf
    PROFIBUS-DP (D)Elster Kromschröder2006-06-0605.06Product brochureD9947_pb_profibus_d.pdf
    PROFIBUS-DP (GB)Elster Kromschröder2006-06-0605.06Product brochureGB9948_pb_profibus_gb.pdf
    BCSoft (D)Last, Ingmar2006-06-0806.06Operating instructionsD9960_BCSoft_Doku.pdf
    BCSoft (GB)Last, Ingmar2006-06-0806.06Operating instructionsGB9961_BCSoft_Doku_eng.pdf