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BIC 125RML-300/335-(18)E

Burner for gas, with connection for ceramic tube

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    • GyártóElster GMBH
    • Weight24.37
    • BrandElster GMBH
    • BIC 125RML-300/335-(18)E
      3 465 €

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    • Burner size 125
    • Short flame shape
    • For propane, propane/butane, butane (with mixer)
    • Lance
    • 300 mm steel tube from furnace flange
    • 335 mm furnace flange-front edge of burner disk
    • Code of burner head 18
    • Constr. stage E
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    BIC, BICA, ZIC (GB)Elster Kromschröder2011-05-2703.11Product brochureGB10712_pb_bic_bica_gb.pdf
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    TSC (D)Elster Kromschröder2008-09-3009.08Product brochureD16706_pb_tsc_d.pdf
    TSC (GB)Elster Kromschröder2008-09-3009.08Product brochureGB16707_pb_tsc_gb.pdf
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