Car ceramic kiln

2012 Burton Kiln Furniture Ltd. Sátoraljaújhely; Design and construction of a 6-car high temperature ceramic kiln

Short description:

The furnace is used primarily for the heat treatment of nitrogen-bonded silicon carbide products, but also for the firing of other ceramic products in an oxidizing atmosphere. In muffle firing, a nitriding atmosphere can be created by means of a unique protective gas supply system for the kilns. Volatile organic compounds released at low temperatures are destroyed by external post-firing.

Key technical data:

  • Furnace type: carriage furnace with 6 furnace carriages and 1 door
  • Furnace atmosphere: oxidizing, muffle firing in muffle firing nitriding
  • Max firing temperature: 1500°C
  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Installed power: 3.120 kW
  • Useful furnace chamber dimensions: 2.3 x 1.3 m x 14.8 m
  • Load weight: 39 t